Sacred Heart Church Mathura

Mathura is a large town on the banks of Yamuna. In prehistorictimes it was the capital of a mighty Hindu monarchy in which Agra, Etmadpur andother places as far as the Chambal River were included. During the middle ages itfell into the hands of the Muslims, during whose rule many monuments ofhistorical importance were destroyed.

Mathura is known as the birth place ofLord Krishna. On the banks of the River Yamuna there are many sacred temples andashrams, held in great veneration by the Hindus who come on pilgrimages fromall over India.

Christianity has coexisted with Hinduism in Mathura for four centuries.The first European to come to Mathura was a French priest, Fr. Tavernier inabout 1650. Another Frenchman Bernier visited Mathura in 1750 to install the astronomicalinstruments of Raja Jai Singh.

In 1803, Mathura and Agra were conquered by theBritish under General Lake. Before 1800, a small community of Catholics mainlyArmenians and Goans lived in Mathura. Later Mathura became the headquarters ofthe British troops. The foundation stone of the Church dedicated to the Sacred Heartwas laid in 1874. The Collector of Mathura, Mr. Grouse, supervised theconstruction of the Church and contributed generously towards its building.Being a keen admirer of Oriental arts he adopted a pure Oriental style. TheChurch is in ordinary Gothic style but the dome is Russian in character. Thischurch was blessed by Msgr. Jacopi, Archbishop of Agra, in 1876 in the presenceof many Hindu gentlemen besides the Catholics.

The Franciscan Brothers of Mt.Poinsur started their missionary work in Mathura in 1936. In 1956 the school runby the Parish of the Sacred Heart Church was given over to the Congregation ofMother Mary of Jesus Immolated. In 1958 the Archbishop invited theCongregation of the Carmelite Sisters of Trivandrum to look after the schoolfor the diocese. In 1960 the Indian Missionary Society Fathers of Varanasi came towork in the Mathura Mission. Due to their efforts many villages werestrengthened by the programmes of social uplift. Unfortunately, they left thearchdiocese after some years.

Other Details
Address: Basantar Marg, Mathura Cantt., Matura (UP) - 281002

Phone: 0565-2471511

Patron/ess: Sacred Heart

Parish Priest: None

Mobile: None

Established Year: 1874

Number of Catholics: 255

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