Born on June 7th, 1948, at Enamau, Trichur, Kerala, joined the St. Lawrence Minor Seminary, Agra, and was ordained priest by Most Rev. Dr. Dominic Athaide, on March 9, 1980. Appointed Priest in-charge in Gonsalo Garcia Parish, Bulandshahr. He looked after Noida from Bulandshahr. Later appointed to Noida in 1986, and thus was the first Parish Priest of Noida till 1994. He was instrumental in building the St. Mary's Parish Church, Noida. Because of the migrant Catholics, Noida turned out to be a throbbing and vibrant parish. Fr. Johnson was posted to Mathura, Sacred Heart Church, with the adjoining village missions. He was instrumental in building village schools in these places. He was tansferred back to Bulandshahr for another six year term.

He then was appointed parish priest of St. Fidelis' Church, Aligarh in 2003. After completing his term of 5 years, he was transferred to St. Francis Xavier Church, Etah, where he took ill after a year or so. He suffered from cancer for quite a few months and breathed his last on September 30, 2010.

Fr. Johnson was a very simple priest. He was faithful to his prayer life and ministry. He had great love for the poor and readily reached out to the needy. He leaves behind an exemplary legacy of a good priestly life. He is buried in the Cemetery by the side of Cathedral Church.

2. REV. FR. JOSE MUTTATH (1942 - 2013)

Born at Pavaratty, Trichur, on March 22, 1942, ordained Priest in 1969, appointed Parish Priest of St. Patrick's Church, Agra Cantt in January 1970. He remained in the post till 1986. Fr. Jose tried hard to raise the existing Nursery School to a High School, and constructed the School building up to the first floor. Prior to that he had to fight long drawn-out legal issues with resident occupants, who refused to clear the ground. Exhausted and worn out, he availed home leave for a few months and returned to the Diocese. On his return, he was appointed in the Cathedral House. He also did stints at Hathras, Etah and St. Francis Xavier Seminary, Etmadpur. While he was Parish Priest and Principal at St. Patrick's Church and St. Clare's School, he had the additional charge of the Administrator of Archdiocesan Properties.

By nature, he was very simple and amiable, at the same time, very intelligent and extra-ordinarily generous to the poor and needy. Austere and dedicated, he bore no ill will towards any one. Fr. Jose Muttath breathed his last after a brief illness in the Fatima Hospital on September 12, 2013. His remains were interred on the next day in the Cemetery at the side of the Cathedral Church, which is normally reserved for priests.

3. REV. FR. JOE VADAKKEKARA (1946 - 2016)

Rev. Fr. Joe Vadakkekara hailed from Vadakanchery, Palakad. Fr. Joe was born on 12th August, 1946. He joined the Minor Seminary, Agra, in 1965, studied Philosophy and Theology at St. Albert's College, Ranchi, was ordained on April 25, 1976. His first assignment was as the parish priest of the Cathedral, Agra, from 1976-1985, where he was in charge of Social Works and Social Communications and a Member of the College of Consultors. After that he had a short stint as Parish Priest of St. Mary's Church, Agra. In 1990, he was posted to Etah. He was instrumental in building the Parish Church in Etah. While in Etah, he extended his mission to Kasganj, and acquired seven acres of fertile land and built a priest's house, School and Convent. He left Kasganj in 2006 to take over as the Parish Priest of St. Patrick's Church, Agra Cantt. In 2010 he was appointed Parish Priest of the newly created Parish of St. Thomas, Shastripuram, Sikandra. He remained in Office till death beckoned him in 2016.

Fr. Joe was a pioneer missionary par excellence. While in Kasganj, he discovered a group of Christian families in Bastar, a remote non-descript village. He regularly visited, catechized and brought them to the Catholic faith. He further went in search of shepherd-less Christians, another group in Achalpur - re-grouped and catechized them. Today, we have vibrant Catholic communities in both these places with resident Priests, Convent and Schools. The credit goes to Fr. Joe for acquiring land in Kaulakha, Deori Road, Agra. This he did while he was the Parish Priest of St. Patrick's Church.

Fr. Joe had problems with his eye sight as early as in the seventies. He could not see properly nor read properly. But he was well informed of what went on around him. Though weak in physical sight, he grew stronger in insight. His inner vision enabled him to see the Divine Mission that was the secret mantra of his success. If Fr. Joe got an idea and decided to go for it, he would not rest, neither let others rest, until it was accomplished. Propelled with faith and commitment, anchored in the protection of Mother Mary, he would get done what had to be done. Fr. Joe was a great devotee of Blessed Virgin Mary. He visited the Shrines of Lourdes and Fatima. He was very generous at heart, had great love for the poor and was regular in his parish visits. Fr. Joe leaves behind a rich legacy of pastoral care and missionary zeal.


Rev. Fr. Thomas Paramundayil was born on September 11, 1930 in Keezhampara, near Bharanganam, Kerala, to
Mr. Davasia and Mrs. Theresama Antony.

After completing High School in his native place, joined St. John's Minor Seminary, Sardhana, Meerut. He was sent to complete his Philosophy and Theology at St. Joseph's Seminary, Allahabad. He was ordained on March 19, 1961.

He served the Archdiocese in various capacities. He worked as assistant at St. Peter's College till 1962. He was then transferred to St. Fidelis Mission, Aligarh, where he was instrumental in purchasing the land for FSMA Sisters. After a stint in St. Mary's Church, Agra, he was posted to Etah Mission and remained there for 3 years. In 1972, he went to an African Mission in Kenya and returned to Agra in 1975. On his return from Kenya, he was appointed at St. Peter's School, Bharatpur, where he purchased land for the School and the Convent and established the same accordingly. He remained there for almost 28 years.

After retirement, he preferred to take up residence in Hathras with Fr. Jose Maliekal. However he was posted in Bulandshahr for a short stint during which he acquired a plot of land for the mission. He took ill there and was brought to Agra. After prolonged hospitalization in Fatima Hospital, Agra, due to cancer, he breathed his last on June 14, 2019. He is buried in the cemetery used for priests at the side of the Cathedral, Agra.

Fr. Thomas was an austere missionary: a man of vision with few needs. He leaves behind a rich legacy of hard work and simplicity.

May his soul rest in peace.

5. REV. FR. MATHEW THUNDIYIL (1969-2022)

Rev. Fr. Mathew Thundiyil was born on December 6, 1969 in Kumarakom of Kottayam Dt. in Kerala, to Mr. T.U. Joseph and Mrs. Aleyamma Joseph.

Having completed his high school studies, stirred by the Holy Spirit and a deep personal desire to become a missionary priest, young Mathew joined St. Lawrence Minor Seminary, Agra on 19th July 1985. He completed his philosophical and theological studies from St. Joseph’s Regional Seminary, Allahabad. He did his regency at Holy Family Parish and Christ the King School, Tundla.

He was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Agra on 1st May 1996.

His first appointment was as the Vice-Rector at St. Lawrence Minor Seminary, Agra after which he served as the Asst. Parish Priest of St. Patrick’s Parish, Agra Cantt. and St. Mary’s Parish, Noida. He also served as the Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Parish, Noida, Sacred Heart Parish, Mathura, St. Francis Parish, Hathras and St. Peter’s Parish, Bharatpur. Between the year 2007-2009, he obtained the Master’s Degree in Biblical Theology from Bangalore. He was also the Principal of St. Francis Sr. Sec. School, Hathras, St. Dominic’s Sr. Sec. School, Mathura and St. Peter’s Sr. Sec. School, Bharatpur.

In the year 2019, as the Principal at St. Dominic’s Sr. Sec. School, Bharatpur, he was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer in the prostate. Though he showed signs of improvement during the treatment, he succumbed to the deadly decease on 29th March 2022 in his hometown in Kerala. He is buried in the cemetry of St. John’s Church, Kumarakom, Kottayam Dt. Kerala. A tomb stone is raised in his memory in the priests’ cemetry at the right side of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Agra.

Fr. Mathew was well known as an energetic and enthusiastic priest who as a fruitful parish priest held his flock very close to his heart. His humerous and loving nature combined with hard work and simplicity will be missed by everyone in the entire Archdiocese of Agra.

May his soul rest in peace!