1. St. Patrick’s Convent (RJM)
Wazirpura Road Agra 282003
Number of Candidate = 7.
Sister in-charge: Sr. Leena Dorothy Matera

2. St. Francis’ Convent (CFMSS)
Ghatia Azam Khan, Agra 282003
Number of Candidates = 2
Sister in-charge: Sr. Gemma

3. St. Francis’ Convent (CFMSS)
UPSIDC Road, Sikandra, Agra 282007
Number of Candidates = 5
Sister in-charge: Sr. Liza

4. Assisi Convent (FCC)
Agra Road, Etah 207 001
Number of Candidates = 11
Sister in-charge: Sr. Neha

5. San Damiano Provincial House (FCC)
A-16, Sector 33, Noida 201303, G.B. Nagar Dt. U.P.
Number of Candidates = 4
Sister in-charge: Sr. Lucita Mary

6. Holy Family Convent (CHF)
P.B. 1041, Shamshabad Road, Agra 282001
Number of Candidates: 9
Sister in-charge: Sr. Jessy Scaria

7. Holy Family Convent (CHF)
Police Lines Road, Bharatpur 321001, Rajasthan
Number of Candidates: 5
Sister in-charge: Sr. Alphin Jose

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